Gratitude and Making Daily Sacrifices


Mary Pat Higley enjoys reading inspirational materials, getting involved in her church, and working on gratitude.

Some things thats she’s taken from a variety of Womens Bible  Studies at Mariners Church, Irvine are summarized below.

Joy springs from a grateful heart. Focus on graces received.  Remember to count our blessings and savor them vs forgetting them or minimizing their importance.  Mary Pat tries to work at repaying her blessings with a life dedicated to generous self sacrifice.  Look for opportunities to be of service.  Volunteering in nursing homes, and with those with disabilities reminds us of our blessings. Giving and receiving love is better than a shopping trip to a fancy store. Help those who are struggling. We are all Gods children and make mistakes.

Worldliness can weaken your dedication.  Mary Pat Higley constantly tries to avoid getting caught up in ‘outward success’. Living in Orange County, California is full of worldly distractions.

Gods people are accountable.   When choosing what to spend time and energy on something – ask yourself – ‘What is the value in Gods Eyes?’. Check your motives.

Remain humble.  We are followers of Jesus Christ. Jesus was humble. He did not boast.  He did not seek worldly goods.

Worldly comforts blunt our daily spirit of sacrifice and hard work.  Worldy things alienate those who make bigger sacrifices.

Mary Pat tries to stay close to the poor and elderly.  Mary Pat Higley is focusing on making daily sacrifices to keep close to God.  Volunteering and praying for Gods direction to best utilize her spiritual gifts.


English as a Second Language (ESL)

Mary Pat Higley has recently started volunteering as a teacher at Mariners Church, Irvine in their ESL program.

Many immigrants live in the Orange County area and learning to read and speak English is a challenge, especially for adults who are already out of school.

Mary Pat has an MBA in Business Administration from Pepperdine University and has been interested in teaching and encouraging others in her career as a clinical pharmacist, researcher, and business analyst.

In the Mariners Church program which is free to members of the community the students are encouraged to discuss current topics and subjects that help them manage their daily affairs.

The program is based on the Side by Side Plus Workbooks and Student-Centered Learning.  Guided conversation acts as a framework to create new conversations.  Students work together ‘side by side’ to develop their language skills.

Mary Pat Higley works to introduce civics topics and tasks that connect students to their community and personalizes questions based on the students needs.

For example, with the Chinese Lunar New Year, Valentines Day and Presidents Day all around the same  period of time this year, Mary Pat tailors the lesson to discuss these holidays/festivities and encourage students to discuss their experiences and questions.

Mary Pat Higley enjoys giving back to the community and the students are fun to work with.  It is fun to see their personalities shine through as their language skills increase.