Are Opiates Effective, Or Necessary, For Treating Chronic Pain?

Mary Pat Higley

After working in clinical research for years and observing first hand how difficult it is to get a new drug on the market it is amazing to learn how little the new classes of opiods were studied before approved.

An opiod is defined as an opium like compound that binds to one or more of the three opiate receptors in the body.  Opiate receptors are found widely in the brain, spinal cord and digestive tract.

Most opiod-related studies lasted for anywhere between 6-12 weeks. And good study design generally means there is a placebo control. No placebo-controlled studies ladted for even 6 months.

A recent review by Dr Chou, associate professor, medicine, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland determined that insufficient evidence was provided from clinical trials to determine the effectiveness of long-term (lasting longer than 3 months) treatment with opiods for improving chronic pain.

While studies could not show…

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