Suggestions from Pope Francis

Last September when Pope Francis visited the United States he gave several inspirational speeches. I was profoundly affected by his visit. Recently I came across some notes I took from his words of encouragement.

I thought it might be useful to review and post them.  Our world is facing many challenges, especially terrorism.  Perhaps his comments were heard, and will be remembered and acted on.

I’ve summarized some of my notes on Pope Francis’ comments:

Our fragmented world leads to battles to defend our conflicting interests.

Don’t postpone critical and global decisions. Especially those decisions concerning those excluded and those in need.

Avoid beauracratic exercises of drawing up ‘plans’ but not taking action.

Everyone has a responsibility to the planet.

Pray for those unwilling to govern.

Work to heal a country/planet torn by hatred, greed, poverty, and pollution.

I pray that a leader reveals him/herself who can lead the United States in healing from the present ugliness and to work with other world leaders to fight terrorism, and take care of each other and our planet.

Thank you.