Are there Coincidences?

Sometimes it seems there are things that happen in your life that are happenstances, coincidences.

But I believe nothing, absolutely nothing happens in God’s world by mistake, or as a coincidence.

I accept that things happen according to God’s plan.  Not MY plan, God’s plan.

And this acceptance is the answer to all my worries and problems.

When I am disturbed, it is usually because I find some issue with some person, place or thing. I start thinking ‘If only they would change, if only…. ‘.

If I learn to accept that this situation is part of God’s plan I can appreciate that this is exactly the way it is supposed to be in this moment.

Without this acceptance, I cannot be happy.

The point is – I need to focus on what needs to be changed in ME, not what needs to be changed it the world.

Self examination, acceptance and actions for change, and an attitude of accepting what is, not trying to control.

Praying for God’s plan for me to be revealed and preparing to accept the challenge by trying to live an honest life using my talents to the best of my abiliy.

Thank you.



What is Sila? Ethical Conduct

The concept of sila rests on aspiring to fulfill certain commitments.

There are 5 basic precepts of conduct:

  1. Refrain from killing or physical violence
  2. Refrain from stealing
  3. Refrain from sexual misconduct.
  4. Refrain from lying, harsh speech, idle speech, gossip, slander
  5. Refrain from intoxicants

Working on these practices is a daily, moment by moment choice.

Making a commitment to follow the five precepts allows us to direct our lives towards lovingkindness and peace.

One day at a time.

Thank you. image